New Playmakers podcast lands tomorrow

Why should I buy a book that still doesn’t come out for five months?

That’s the question I’d be asking myself if someone were trying to get me to preorder a book that doesn’t come out until March 15. “Hell, I may not even be alive by then” would be my first reaction.

Even then, we’ve managed to sell a surprising number of copies of Playmakers. (Then again, five would count as surprising to me.) And for those who have preordered it, or who will, we wanted to give you something more immediate.

Enter the Playmakers podcast. Available only to those who have preordered the Playmakers book.

The latest episode lands on Friday. It’ll be 30 to 40 minutes long, and it’ll consist of a handful of topics plus answers to some of your questions. (Ask one here. Anyone can ask, but only those who preorder the book can hear the answers.)

To buy the book, here’s the Amazon link. If you prefer to purchase it from Barnes and Noble, you can preorder it there. Or you can preorder it from Book-A-Million. Or through Or if you’d like to preorder through an independent bookstore, can hook you up. A signed copy also can be purchased from Premiere Collectibles.

Then, to register for the Playmakers podcast, upload your proof of preorder at the Hachette website.

To those who have already preordered the book, thank you very much. To those who haven’t, what are you waiting for? To those who never will, please continue to enjoy all the free content you can digest without ever kicking a few bucks back our way.